About Us:
"Pretty Smart Girls," is a Dallas/Fort Worth based mentoring organization. It is the brainchild of two moms determined to take action developing girls' courage, confidence and character.
Mioshi Johnson is a philanthropist and wife of NFL Super Bowl XLVII Champion Chris Johnson.
Dionne Anglin is a veteran TV news reporter currently working in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.
Together Johnson and Anglin aim to help girls find their own voice and become leaders through workshops, guest speakers, volunteer opportunities, group outings, plus all-around fun and enriching activities.


Our Mission:
As a teen girl mentoring group, our goal is to encourage, empower and inspire young ladies in today's challenging society. We will equip them with tools to help reach their full potential and impact the world with their gifts and talents...all while instilling a spirit of humanitarianism and helping others.
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